Looking for THL's portal to your trust data?

It's no longer here.

Our contract with your trustees has concluded, so the portal has been decommissioned and it's no longer possible to log in.

If you were here because you want your trust loans written off, send an email to info@dorresolutions.com, quoting the reference from one of the emails we sent you. We understand that until 15th March 2019, DOR Resolutions Ltd will still draft the necessary paperwork and explain how you can get it signed.

Any data the company held about you was returned to your trustees on 5th March 2019. We no longer hold those records. We're also no longer sending or receiving communications in connection with the trusts or loans.

We're delighted to have been of service to your trustees and to so many of their beneficiaries. Our obligations are fulfilled and our work is complete.

Thanks for your good wishes.

About the service Helpline Services Ltd provided

Helpline Services Ltd was hired by several firms of professional trustees to provide data administration and communications services. The company has now discharged its obligations and the contract has concluded.

The services provided were:
- validating the loans data supplied by the trustees,
- presenting loan statements to the trust beneficiaries and agreeing any amendments,
- drawing to the attention of the trust beneficiaries the 2019 Loan Charge legislation,
- presenting options to the beneficiaries as to how they might respond to the legislation, including signposting settlement options with HMRC, how the loans could be written off, the availability of tax advice and the option of insolvency.

The company has not provided tax advice, nor has it handled any of the funds paid by trust beneficiaries.

Helpline Services Ltd.
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